About the Eva Gunther Fellowship

Our Fellowship program for teenage girls is the foundation’s longest standing grant program and speaks to the heart of the Eva Foundation’s commitment to supporting individual girls.In giving these Fellowships of up to $2,000, we are empowering young, motivated women to not be limited by circumstance and follow their passions.


In the simplest terms, an Eva Fellowship is a need-based grant which will allow a girl to have an experience similar to those that Eva had. The Fellowship Program offers a girl the chance to have a special, singular experience that is just for her.


EGF intends to enable young, motivated women to reach beyond financial limitations and follow a dream; to help extend their own and society’s beliefs about their role and abilities; to engender creativity and artistic excellence; to enable girls to exhibit leadership skills; and to amplify girls’ ability to be independent thinkers in an interdependent world.

A nominee must

a girl receiving a fellowship must be 11 - 18 years old

BE A GIRL AGED 11 – 18

a girl must live in the bay area


Eva gunther foundation


have a project in mind


Eva Gunther foundation - motivation




Nomination Process

Choose the girl you want to nominate

If you know a motivated young girl in the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area who has a desire to do something but doesn’t have the financial means to make it happen, she may be a perfect candidate for our fellowship program.

how to nominate a girl - step one : choose a girl you want to nominate

Write a nomination letter

In order for your nominee to be accepted, a formal nomination letter must be submitted by an adult advisor, teacher or mentor who knows the candidate well and is not a parent or relative.

Submit a Seconding Letter

A second letter must be submitted by a staff member of the institution who will be sponsoring and monitoring the user of the grant funds. The seconding letter can be short, but need to affirm:

  • The organization receiving the funds is a 501(c)3
  • The nominee has been admitted to the program in question
  • The funds provided will be spent for the purpose outlined in the nomination letter

Nominee writes a thank you letter

If a girl has been accepted to receive funds for her project, she must first send a one page double-spaced, 12 point font acceptance letter describing herself and what she hopes to accomplish with the funded activity. She can answer these questions:

  • What activity do you want to explore?
  • Why are you interested in this program?
  • What do you think you will gain from the experience?

Fellow writes a final report

After a girl has received her grant and participated in her project, she must write a 2-4 page thank you letter (double-spaced with 12 point font) outlining her experience and what her plans are for the future. She can answer these questions:

  • What did you get out of this experience?
  • Did it help you in any way?
  • Has it changed what you think you would like to do in the future?

Help us find our next fellow!

What can girls get fellowships for?


There are many programs and opportunities for girls to pursue their passions. Here are just a few examples of past fellowships.


Athletic Programs


  • Cheerleading camp
  • Basketball recruitment tour
  • JCC macabi games
  • Karate classes
  • Camp Winarainbow
arts programs

Creative Programs


  • SF Ballet program
  • Acting classes at ACT
  • Dance Programs
  • Music lessons at Blue Bear
  • Writing Classes
  • Choir & Symphony Trips
  • ArtFest through JCCSF
  • Singing lessons
  • Traditional Chinese Music Lessons
  • Marsh Theatre Camp
travel programs

Experience and Travel Programs


  • Historically black college tour
  • Global Glimpse service trip to Nicaragua
  • Science trip to Belize
  • Girls leadership institute camp
  • CloseUp trip to Washington DC
  • Forensic science camp
  • Sojourn to the Past Trip
  • Volunteer trip to New Orleans
  • Trip to Europe
  • Cooking classes
  • Beauty school
Learn More about our past fellows