About Eva Gunther

The Foundation’s work is inspired by the life of Eva Gunther, who was killed by a drunk driver at the age of 12 1⁄2. Eva was an avid reader, an athlete, a loving daughter, cousin and especially sister, a true friend and a good student.


She had a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, studied piano, was committed to Judaism and to education–her own and teaching others. She enjoyed baseball, bicycling, skiing, science fiction, mathematics and history.


Eva had a compassionate heart coupled with a strong sense of fairness and justice. She wanted to become a teacher. Her family established the Foundation to remember Eva’s remarkable strengths and achievements by helping other girls develop their own.

About uEva
Eva gunther crest

About Eva’s Crest

This crest is at the entrance to the Eva Gunther Building at Presidio Hill School. It incorporates many things that Eva loved she is in the middle caring for two younger children, standing on a book, as she loved to read, and the PHS logo. They are looking out at the sunrise, and the City that she was proud to be a native of. The water remembers her love of the ocean, and the mountains her love of skiing. The dragon is from Anne McCaffrey’s Pern novels—it is holding a Torah scroll and a paintbrush, and its tail is Eva’s big heart. The dove symbolizes peace, and it is holding a piece of music that Eva composed.

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Eulogy for Eva, by Rabbi Alan Lew (z’l)

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People Remembering Eva at Presidio Hill School